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Cromar Media Insurance Solution provides protection to license agreements, including cover for intellectual property infringement. In addition to addressing the risks faced by those creating, gathering and disseminating content.

Content is king, and anyone with a social media account can become an influencer overnight. Traditional media companies and advertising agencies are no longer the only businesses facing risks arising from the content they produce and promote.

Coverage Highlights

IP infringement and defamation

 The media and entertainment industry is driven by content creation. Our policy provides protection against a whole host of IP infringement allegations such as copyright and trademark infringement as well as allegations of defamatory material.

Breach of contract

Almost every company in the media and entertainment space will have written contractual agreements with their clients. Our policy provides unambiguous cover for legal liability arising from breach of client contracts and we cater to license agreements and endorsement deals that include requirements additional to IP uses.

Contingent bodily injury and property damage

Media and entertainment clients often need to carry out physical works, film and produce events and experiences. We offer cover for bodily injury and property damage arising out of their business activities.

Sub-contractors’ vicarious liability

Media businesses frequently use third party contractors to help deliver services. Our policy provides full vicarious liability cover as standard to ensure that you are protected if you are held liable for another’s mistake.

Comprehensive cyber cover

Media and entertainment companies may have very sensitive third party data. Our comprehensive cyber cover offers network and privacy liability protection to ensure that any cyber liability is adequately covered. We also provide cover for a wide variety of cyber-crime events including social engineering scams, invoice fraud, ransomware, targeted extortion and cryptojacking. 

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